Some people have many reservations about living in an apartment. Being so close to the other residents can sometimes cause problems. Here are a few ways to make sure you are a delightful apartment neighbor.

Be Friendly.

The Village Apartments in Cedar City provide housing for many individuals and families. With so many people in an apartment complex, you’re going to run into people quite a bit. It is important to be friendly. A simple smile or hello goes a long way.

Be Aware of Noises and Sound Levels.

Apartments in Cedar City can be close quarters. Be aware of this and mindful of your sound levels. Don’t slam doors, or talk loudly in stairwells. Use vacuums and other loud machines during the day or on weekends. Noise and vibrations go through floorboards and can be an annoyance.

Have On-site Laundry Etiquette.

Make sure you respect the manager’s rules for the laundry room. Never touch another person’s laundry. Each person has a specific way they want their clothes washed and dried. However, if there is a limited amount of washers and dryers, and someone’s clothes have been there for a while, place their clothes on a clean plastic or garbage bag on the counter.

Be Considerate With Apartment Parking.

Apartments have different rules on their parking. If it is assigned parking be respectful of the rules. For example, if a badge or sticker is required to be on your car, always have it on your car. Also be respectful of other cars. Don’t take up more parking spots than you need, and if you hit another car, be respectful enough to let the driver of the other car need.